A model that works

Not just a simple collection cooperative nor a classic dairy cooperative. Santangiolina is a family of dairy farmers, a cooperative of small producers, with a rich local agricultural heritage.

A passion for good things well-made brought us together and holds us together, strengthening this business and helping it grow. The “pitalou”, the ‘young upstarts’ have grown and matured. They shaped themselves into a cooperative, with strong leadership and a responsive organization that have made Santangiolina a model of quality and efficiency. Our marketing policy is driven by a commitment to protect and promote the milk provided by our members, thanks in part to targeted partnerships and investments. Santangiolina milk is used by the leading Italian dairies to produce certified quality products and, since 2007 the Cooperative has undertaken the same journey of transformation with three of its own cheese-crafting facilities where it makes Grana Padano DOP, Taleggio DOP, Quartirolo Lombardo DOP, butter and other cheese specialties.