quartirolo lombardo dop

aged, COW'S MILK

Fior di Roccia is our aged Quartirolo Lombardo DOP. Its characteristic flavor derives from aging in our Valsassina ripening ‘caves’. Although it maintains the inherent characteristics of the cheese, Fior di Roccia is enjoyed for its bolder and more pronounced taste, loved by those who savor the flavor.

  • Rind
    Thin, reddish color with natural mold
  • Paste
  • Color
    White, straw-yellow
  • Flavor
    Sweet but full and strong
  • Aging
    Minimum 30 days
  • Production area
    Lombardy, in the provinces of Bergamo, Brescia, Como, Cremona, Lecco, Lodi, Milan, Pavia and Varese
  • Production period